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When you’re buying a house, the most important thing you’ll do after choosing a home is to find a suitable mortgage lender. It’s not always easy to get a mortgage until you know the process and meet the required eligibility criteria.

Applying for a mortgage can be a rather complex and frustrating process, and most people don’t know what to expect. So, if you are feeling lost about where to start your mortgage process, PierPoint Mortgage is here to assist.

Our team will guide you throughout the mortgage process, from application to closing. We are the leading mortgage company in Tulsa with an extensive track record of assisting clients as per their needs. You can trust our mortgage professionals to make your home loan process smooth and hassle-free.

Apply online and get a personalized mortgage loan today!

Types of Loan Products We Offer

At PierPoint Mortgage, we offer more than just traditional mortgages, including:

  • Conventional Loans for New Home Purchases
  • Refinancing an Existing Mortgage
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • VA loans
  • USDA Rural Development Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • Home Equity Loans

Our loan officers will explain the whole process in detail and clarify any doubts you may have. So, no matter your home-buying goals, our experienced mortgage brokers in Tulsa have got you covered!

What are the Basic Steps to Apply for a Mortgage Loan in Tulsa, OK?

When applying for a mortgage loan, the loan process may vary slightly from lender to lender. However, the basic steps usually include:

Selecting the Loan

First-time homebuyers may not be well-versed in the available mortgage options. Therefore, hiring a professional mortgage company can be highly beneficial.

Our experienced mortgage brokers will not only help you with the home loan process but also assist you in choosing the right loan.

Getting Pre-approved

Before putting in your mortgage application, you should consider getting pre-approved by a trusted lender. It is a crucial step as it helps applicants know their loan eligibility, get an estimate, and strengthen their approval chances.

Mortgage Application

After getting pre-approval for a mortgage and extending your offer, it’s time to get started with your mortgage application. For this, you don’t have to go through any hassle.

Simply fill out our online application form and wait for the assessment. If you have any questions regarding the application process, we can help you connect with an experienced mortgage loan originator today!

Loan assessment

During the loan assessment, lenders usually require applicants to submit the relevant documents supporting their application. You also need to upload essential documents such as state-issued photo ID, income proof, credit history, etc.

You can also use our online mortgage calculator to get a potential estimate of the mortgage amount and monthly installments before submitting your loan request.

Approval and Closing

If you fulfill the mortgage lender’s specified credit criteria, you will receive the loan approval along with the loan document. It will contain all the terms and conditions of the mortgage.

Make sure to carefully read and agree with the contract before signing it and sending it back to the lenders. Once everything is finalized, you will be a proud homeowner after paying the down payment and closing costs.

If you want to buy your dream home in Tulsa, OK, don’t delay it for long. Reach out to our mortgage experts and explore our mortgage loan programs today!

The Pre-approval Process

If you want to speed up your home-buying process by getting fast loan approval, you should consider getting pre-approved by a trusted lender. The pre-approval may usually take a few days to over a week.

At our mortgage company, Tulsa, you can easily get pre-approved by following a few simple steps:

  • Get Your Credit Score Checked
  • Provide documentation (i.e. Proof of income, Proof of assets, Debt-to-income ratio)
  • Employment verification
  • Obtain a loan estimate
  • Get your preapproval letter

Is a Good Credit Score Necessary to Get Pre-approval for a Mortgage Loan in Tulsa, OK?

You need a couple of things to get pre-approved, and a good credit score is at the top of the list, especially if you are seeking a conventional loan.

Most financial institutions providing mortgages usually require a high credit score for loan approval. However, there are other loan options where a lower credit score might be accepted.

For example, at PierPoint Mortgage, you can find customized mortgage solutions, including FHA loans, which may generally accept a slightly lower-than-ideal credit score. This is what makes us one of the most trusted mortgage companies, Tulsa. However, you can also attempt to increase your credit rating if it is only short by a few points.

If your financial situation is less than ideal, here are a few easy ways to boost your credit rating and increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage loan.

  • Pay all your bills on/before the due date
  • Build a history of payments without defaulting/late payments
  • Make sure to pay your credit card payments timely
  • Minimize your spending to limit the credit utilization rate
  • Have an alternative income source

A better credit score can help you secure a better mortgage. Thus, you can consider consulting with our top mortgage lenders, Tulsa to assist you throughout each phase of the application process. In addition, we can also help devise efficient strategies to improve your credit by analyzing your detailed credit history.

So, when you are looking for a home loan and a mortgage broker in Oklahoma that can accommodate your particular borrowing needs, PierPoint Mortgage is your one-stop destination.

Looking for A Mortgage in Tulsa, OK?

Everyone has a dream home that they want to live in one day. Thus, people spend a lot of time finding the perfect place. However, a lack of mortgage planning can become a problem in your path. In that case, you can make your home-buying process smooth with our licensed and experienced mortgage brokers, Tulsa by your side.

If you want to make your dream of home ownership a reality, consult PierPoint Mortgage, one of the most reliable mortgage companies in Tulsa, today!

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    It was so great to work with a company that was able to provide me with such a broad range of options for my mortgage. The finance brokers took the time to understand my needs and found the perfect solution for me.
    Mary Evans
    Mary Evans
    09:54 06 Dec 22
    I was new to the whole mortgage process and wasn't sure what I was doing. But, the mortgage advisors helped me out every step of the way and made sure that I was happy with their services. They answered all of my questions and helped me get a great mortgage. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a mortgage advisor.
    Theresa D. Whiteside
    Theresa D. Whiteside
    05:49 27 Oct 22
    The simple loan process and friendly staff. Thank you so much for your help in getting me the best loan for my family's needs. Interest rates were really good. A must-hire service!
    Gary Morgan
    Gary Morgan
    10:58 13 Oct 22
    They always kept me updated about the whole conventional loan process. They even returned my calls timely so that I don’t face any loss. The interest rate that they provided was quite good. Better customer service experience. Thanks for your help!
    Jamie Watkins
    Jamie Watkins
    07:09 13 Oct 22
    My mortgage application was handled by PierPoint Mortgage from the very beginning. With their assistance, I was able to purchase my ideal home. They provided truly excellent guidance and processing. They made my dream come reality, and for that I am really appreciative.
    Cara Taylor
    Cara Taylor
    05:04 11 Oct 22
    You individuals in the mortgage industry are very fantastic. I can't express my gratitude to you enough for helping us obtain our mortgage. Throughout this process, I was really pleased with the service, responsiveness, and attention to detail. The representative from your company's side was just outstanding because they were able to secure the lowest mortgage rates for us.
    Regina Martinez
    Regina Martinez
    04:15 11 Oct 22
    They were excellent, and we used them to obtain our mortgage.
    Megan Parker
    Megan Parker
    05:47 03 Oct 22
    I just got my mortgage via Pierpoint and I was very impressed with how professional they were. They offered a great number of options and the rates are very competitive. They even helped me find a home that I absolutely love! The process was very smooth and I didn't have to worry about anything because they were there to make sure it went through smoothly.
    Patrick Fidler
    Patrick Fidler
    11:44 12 Sep 22
    One can be certain that this mortgage company will not deceive you and steal all of your money. I had a positive experience with them, which is why I recommend their services to everyone.
    Claudia Kennedy
    Claudia Kennedy
    01:46 19 May 22
    I needed money in a hurry, so I went online and found a company that lent money quickly. I applied and received the funds I required without difficulty. Thank you for your assistance!
    Melvin Russell
    Melvin Russell
    09:24 19 Apr 22
    This is the second time I've applied for a home loan with the help of these mortgage lenders. With them, I've always had a good time. Thank you so much, guys, for your fantastic service!
    Roy J. Thompson
    Roy J. Thompson
    05:27 10 Sep 21
    That was an awesome processing job. A dedicated loan officer was assigned to each phase instead of one busy loan officer. The home loan process went smoothly for me.
    Carrie Beck
    Carrie Beck
    11:43 11 Aug 21
    The whole process from general inquiry to mortgage application was a quick process and clear process. Shannon clearly explained the mortgage process and my options and made all the jargon for a first buyer easy and straight forward to understand. I also really liked how well Shannon kept me up to date with the progress of the application. I would highly recommend this amazing free service PierPoint Mortgage provides!
    Eddie Hart
    Eddie Hart
    13:30 12 Nov 19
    Shannon and his team were just the best. I cant tell you how many times i had called with questions that, in retrospect, i could have just looked up myself, but they were always so friendly and eager to give me more than enough info on each question i had. Plus, it was so cool that the owner of the freaking company helped me with my mortgage! I am def. going to refer them to anyone i know who needs a pr-apporoval
    wilfre dobenderYaf
    wilfre dobenderYaf
    14:44 23 Aug 19
    Shannon was an amazing Loan Officer. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house. He is easy to get a hold of and very friendly.
    Henry Hemerez
    Henry Hemerez
    19:35 30 Jan 19
    Great communication and they are super straightforward with you. My loan closed on time! Thank you PierPoint Mortgage
    Justin Adamey
    Justin Adamey
    20:35 28 Jan 19
    Thank you Shannon at PierPoint Mortgage for helping us get our home loan. We are very pleased with the service we were provided and would definitely recommend Shannon to anyone in the market to buy a house.
    Maria Conrad
    Maria Conrad
    20:21 28 Jan 19
    Shannon made buying our first home very simple and stress free! The mortgage loan closed within just a few weeks and we are already moved in! Thank you so much to Shannon and his hard-working team.
    Louise Casey
    Louise Casey
    19:58 23 Jan 19
    I am so thankful for PierPoint Mortgage. We finished refinancing right before the holidays, best decision we have every made!
    Connie Sighz
    Connie Sighz
    19:55 17 Jan 19
    Shannon is a great loan officer! He was with me every step of the way and got everything processed quick. I am so lucky to have had a loyal person by my side throughout the purchase of my new home.
    Danny Larson
    Danny Larson
    20:01 16 Jan 19
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    What is the current mortgage rate in Tulsa?

    The current mortgage rate in Tulsa varies but is generally between 3.25% to 4%. It’s best to check with the lenders at PierPoint Mortgage for more information.

    How much is the average mortgage in Oklahoma?

    There is no specific rate one can find for the average mortgage. However, Pierpoint mortgage provides the best mortgage loans with the best competitive interest rates.

    What is the easiest type of mortgage to get approved for?

    FHA loans are typically the easiest type of mortgage to get approved for, as they require a lower credit score and down payment.

    How do I qualify for a mortgage in Oklahoma?

    To qualify for a mortgage in Oklahoma, you’ll need to have a stable income, good credit, and enough money for a down payment and closing costs.

    Who generally has best mortgage rates?

    Credit unions and smaller banks tend to offer the best mortgage rates, but it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare offers.

    How do you know if a mortgage is reputable?

    A reputable mortgage should have transparent terms, no hidden fees, and be offered by a licensed and accredited lender.

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