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If you’re planning to purchase a home in a rural area or had a bad experience with a mortgage lender, you can count on PierPoint Mortgage. With us, you can buy the property of your dreams with no hurdles.

For any query regarding the USDA home loan, you can rely on us! A USDA loan can help you purchase a home in an eligible rural area of the USA. This type of home loan is available for qualified people who are trying to purchase a home or refinance a home in an area that is not considered a metropolitan area.

Our top mortgage brokers in the USA have extensive knowledge and experience to make your USDA home loan mortgage process easier and seamless for you. With the right tools and expertise, they will guide you through the whole process starting by helping you discover if you are qualified for a USDA loan or not.

We’ll clearly see the difference between loan programs, allowing you to choose the right one for you whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a repeat one.

Before we move ahead, let’s discuss what is a USDA home loan and how it can help when you need financial assistance.

CHOOSE PierPoint Mortgage For Your USDA Loan

USDA loans are worth considering if you are planning to buy a home in rural areas. The USDA home loans are also known as home loan assistance programs that are for non-farm owners aimed at improving their quality of life and economy. The USDA home loan helps low-income families to purchase homes in rural areas.

USDA loan is appropriate for individuals with low-income. This loan is perfect for people wanting to buy their own property outside of the densely populated city. The borrower doesn’t have to pay any down payment, unlike other mortgage programs.

The requirements of getting approved from USDA loans are flexible which attracts many potential borrowers. The needed credit score is also lower than many other mortgage programs.

USDA Loan Information

How USDA Loan Works

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Housing Service guarantees loans up to 100% financing for qualified customers living in rural areas around the country.

Most other mortgage options require a 3- 3.5% down payment and have quite high-interest rates. With a USDA home loan, you might be able to get a home loan with a lower interest rate and zero down payment.

Requirements of USDA home loan includes-

Income should not be higher than 115% of the area median

US citizenship or legal permanent resident

Minimum credit score set by the lender

The property should serve as a primary residence

Our trusted mortgage brokers will help you explore the many advantages of this unique type of loan.

Down Payment Options

100% financing available. Qualified buyers don’t need to pay down payments.

Credit Requirements

Flexible credit and qualifying guidelines. Thin or alternate credit allowed.

Closing Costs

USDA home loan comes with low closing costs options.

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Finding the right mortgage broker that can help you get the best competitive rate can be difficult. To make sure you are not lacking in any aspect, reach out to the most trusted team of mortgage experts at PierPoint Mortgage. Our team is ready to help you consider all your home loan options. We are licensed and have been in the business for over 50 years. Hence, we know inside out of the financial and home loan sector.

In case, you have any queries or want to learn more about your USDA home loan eligibility, get in touch with our team!

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