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At PierPoint Mortgage, we specialize in VA loans. We have helped a number of homebuyers from various branches of the US armed forces through the steps that are required to obtain a VA home loan. That means when you choose our mortgage brokers, you can look forward to a smooth, rapid, and hassle-free VA loan process.

With us, you can expect personalized service tailored to your needs. Our top mortgage brokers can get you connected to the right loan at a competitive rate of interest so that you can move into the home of your dream affordably and conveniently.

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With fever than perfect credit, your options for a home loan may be limited. But if you’ve served in the military, you may qualify for a quick approval and no down payment with a Veterans Administration (VA) Loan.

VA home loan doesn’t require you to make any down payment whereas, for other mortgages, the borrower has to pay a small amount of down payment. The credit score requirements are very flexible for a VA loan.

This loan is backed by the government entity and hence comes with such flexible and favorable terms. The borrower has to fill in an application form and submit all the required documents.

VA Loans Information

How a VA Loan Works

PierPoint Mortgage’s goal is to help make your dream of homeownership become a reality. We definitely appreciate your service to our country, and we’ll do everything we can to overcome the obstacles you’re facing and help you become a homeowner.

Our mortgage brokers are committed to providing the possible service to our clients and have simplified the application process so that your loan will be more likely to be approved. We provide the expertise and the experience to help you obtain the possible loan for your budget.

VA Mortgages are not available for the general public. A VA home loan is available for active and retired military personnel, their surviving spouses. and the loan is available by the federal government but is issued through private mortgage lenders. It is definitely one of the best loan options available in the market today.

VA home loan is a great option for qualifying homebuyers who want to refinance or buy their first home. If you think you qualify for a VA loan, get in touch with our mortgage experts and determine how you can benefit from your entitlement.

Down Payment Options

No down payment required for a VA loan!

Credit Requirements

Thin or alternate credit allowed. The VA assumes liability for the loan in case of a default which provides lenders with maximum security and allows borrowers to have reasonable credit scores.

Eligibility for VA loan

VA home loan is a fantastic option but it is not available for everyone. There are specific requirements and eligibility that must be met to qualify for a VA home loan.

Eligibility for VA home loans is determined by some factors like duration of service, duty status, and character of service. You need to provide a proper certification of eligibility to prove your entitlement. You need to have sufficient income and credit to apply for a home loan.

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There’s no need to look any further to search for the best mortgage brokers in the USA. Our mortgage team is available 24/7 to assist you with the VA home loan programs. From pre-application to documentation and final closing, we are with you in each step of the process.

In case, you have any queries or want to learn more about your VA home loan eligibility, get in touch with our team!

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